Summer Ghost

Third chapter in the Cloud Dancer series

Is six years too long to love a ghost? Erin Fraser thinks so. She needs to find out, once and for all, what happened between her and Paolo Herrera that made their love crash and burn. That's why she's returned to the pueblo and accepted a teaching position at the local high school. But Erin learns that she has become the ghost, and is crushed to discover that Paolo has moved on with his life. It turns out that Natoma, Paolo's girlfriend from years past, is the pueblo's choice for his wife.

Erin meets a handsome young lawyer, Zack, who seems to be the cure for her loneliness. He reintroduces her to a world of privilege and luxury -- one she thought she'd left behind at the private school where she taught her first year in California. Paolo and Zack are polar opposites and the values of their two worlds are in absolute conflict with each other. Erin is living on the edge of each world, not sure which suits her best.

But when Paolo realizes that he has actually seen Erin and not a ghost, her life becomes impossibly complicated. On the day the school term starts, Erin makes a shocking discovery -- Paolo is a teacher there also! Why didn't he tell her? Why didn't her family tell her? Just how complicated can two lives get? And who is going to leave this time?

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